About Us

What Makes Our Church Unique

Cornerstone Church seeks to be a simple church focused upon the biblical commandment to love God and love our neighbors and the biblical commission to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • We are driven by the teaching of the Word.
  • We want to minister to anyone who comes in the doors. If we are small, we are as content as if we are large.
  • We want to be a family of friends who love one another, growing in the Lord, and serving in our community.
  • We seek to be a salt and light influence within our community, our state, and our nation. We know that the answer to America’s problems will not be found through political action, but only through revival starting in the Church.
  • We don’t have a long list of “don’ts,” because a grocery list of “thou shalt not’s” doesn’t lead one to spiritual growth. We just teach the Bible, as written, and let it be our only guide for living.
  • We don’t talk about money unless the verses we are teaching are about money. We have a box at the back of the church, and you can put in it whatever you desire, whenever you desire.